Soham Organic

Growing community by inspiring healthy living

Healthy Life

Consuming Organic Food make the human body free from diseases. It is very essential to eat foods without synthetic chemicals.

Our Principles

We have a made strong principles to produce only organic food for human consumption. The idea behind this is to benefit the mankind.

Farming Practices

We use only organic manure for our agriculture farming. We dont use any chemicals or fertilizers in our farming.

We build to order with only the Organic food

We have being doing agriculture since 2016. We have practicing Ancient Method of farming used by our fore fathers to produce the maximum food. Organic food is free from Chemicals and it has direct impact on human health We have a vison to make human free from consuming pure organic food.

Since 2016

We are Working Since at our farms since 2016. We did our research and development in organic farming and came out with tremendous results.

The Cosmic methodology which we do in our farms is our USP. We make our produce grow by natural ways taking all the elements from the nature itself.

Soham Organic

Our Team

I started this venture seeing the number of diseases increasing in humans because synthetic food.

My aim to serve the mankind with healthy food and comfortable living

Rajiv Gupta, CEO

Serving with my Mentors aim in organic farming, I wished to make the maximum possible output to the humans

Aiming to reach every corner with the idea of healthy and comfortable living.

Rishabh Gupta, Director

Working hard at the feilds to fulfil the dreams of my mentors. I am of the idea to practice cosmic healing methodology.

My aim is to reach the maximum farms to teach our farmers about the organic products.

Ishan Gupta, Director